Puzzle #15 – Yajilin

Theme: Z Shape

Standard Yajilin rules. (See here!)



Puzzle Rules Reference


Shade two cells in each row and column and then fill each row and column of the given grid with the given digits. Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the digits between the two shaded cells in the corresponding row or column.

(Note: Shaded cells are allowed to touch.)



Divide the given grid (along the grid lines) into regions, such that no two regions with the same area share an edge. Each given number indicates the area of the region that contains it.

(Note: A region can contain zero, one, or more than one of the given numbers. Also, a region can have an area not equal to any of the given numbers.)



Shade some unnumbered cells in the grid such that the shaded cells form a single orthogonally connected region and no 2×2 square is entirely shaded. Clues in a cell indicate the blocks of shaded cells in the neighboring cells.